Back To Unova, Vol. V(From

Back To Unova, Vol. V

Cover Album

From Pokémon Black & White

Genres: Orchestral, Rock, Electronic

Composers: Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Shota Kageyama, Minako Adachi

Release Date: December 10, 2021

The fifth and final volume of my project to cover the entirety of the soundtrack of Pokémon Black & White. Back To Unova is five volumes in total, with 174 tracks.

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# Title Duration
1Route 12 (Spring)02:04
2Route 12 (Summer)02:04
3Trainers' Eyes Meet (Cyclist)00:36
4Poké Transfer Lab01:04
5Poké Transfer: Choose Your Pokémon!00:46
6Poké Transfer: Catch Your Pokémon!01:05
7Trainers' Eyes Meet (Pokéfan)00:46
8Black City01:19
9White Forest01:40
10Game Sync01:12
12Begin an Entralink Mission!00:08
13Someone's Entralink01:19
14Mission Accomplished!00:10
15Mission Failed!00:07
16Trainers' Eyes Meet (Gentleman)00:42
17Undella Town (Autumn/Winter/Spring)02:37
18Undella Town (Summer)01:39
19Lostlorn Forest02:14
20Battle! (Strong Wild Pokémon)02:10
22Abyssal Ruins03:07
23Route 12 (Autumn)02:04
24Route 12 (Winter)02:04
25Lacunosa Town02:03
26Village Bridge (feat. Lesha Bugaev)02:46
27Mystery Gift01:35
28Challenging a Battle Competition01:07
29Battle! (Kyurem)04:37
30Pokédex Evaluation... It's Perfect!00:10
31Battle! (Champion)02:45
32Victory! (Champion)01:06
33Congratulations on Entering the Hall of Fame!01:03
34Victory! (Team Plasma) [Short Version]01:09