About Kunning Fox

Whether it’s an 8-bit video game chiptune or the original soundtrack from an anime series, Moscow-based instrumental artist/producer Kunning Fox has the magic touch for transforming theme music into grand orchestral scores.

Inspired by cult classics like Pokémon, Final Fantasy and Super Mario, Kunning Fox creates soaring and cinematic instrumental remixes, covers and orchestral arrangements that feel evocative and inspirational.

Born in Siberia, the Russian instrumental artist first stumbled across the soundtrack for the Pokémon anime as a young teen and was blown away after hearing the arrangement of the video game’s chiptunes as orchestral pieces. After experimenting with music software, he released his first official instrumental cover (‘Battle! GYM Leader’ from Pokémon Gold & Silver) on his YouTube channel in 2008, and has since amassed over 11k subscribers.

His top creative influences are Shinji Miyazaki (composer/arranger, Pokémon anime), Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series), Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Shota Kageyama (Pokémon series) and Shoji Meguro (Persona series).

Kunning Fox is now getting set to release new material, starting with ‘Back To Unova, Volume III’ (from Pokémon Black & White) in December 2020, followed by the final two volumes in 2021.