Back To Unova, Vol. II(From

Back To Unova, Vol. II

Cover Album

From Pokémon Black & White

Genres: Orchestral, Rock, Electronic

Composers: Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Shota Kageyama, Minako Adachi

Release Date: October 16, 2020

The second volume of my project to cover the entirety of the soundtrack of Pokémon Black & White. Back To Unova will be five volumes in total, with 170+ tracks.

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# Title Duration
1Trainers' Eyes Meet (Twins)00:53
2Cheren's Theme01:31
3Pokédex Evaluation... You've Just Begun!00:04
4There's Trouble!01:01
5Nacrene City03:20
6Obtained An Item!00:03
7Pokémon Gym01:39
8Battle! (Gym Leader)03:00
9Victory Lies Before You!01:48
10Victory! (Gym Leader)01:27
11Received a League Gym Badge00:07
13Skyarrow Bridge01:28
14Castelia City01:57
15Trainers' Eyes Meet (Clerk ♂)00:50
16Route 4 (Spring)01:30
17Trainers' Eyes Meet (Backpacker)01:21
18Nimbasa City02:06
19Bianca's Theme01:29
20An Unwavering Heart01:53
21Prisoner to a Formula00:51
22Battle! (N)02:23
23A Tight Spot During Battle!00:49
25Champion Alder01:14
26Driftveil Drawbridge04:04
27Driftveil City01:37
28Cold Storage01:36
29Route 6 (Spring)01:29
30Route 6 (Summer)01:29
31Trainers' Eyes Meet (Parasol Lady)00:40
32Trainers' Eyes Meet (Scientist)00:40
33Chargestone Cave01:35
34Mistralton City02:52
35Cedric Juniper01:12